Please note that the professional works listed below have no relationship whatsoever to the hobby works that are the main subject of this site. I pursue both, and I myself am the only common factor between the two.

Engine Team   |   Koch Media \ Deep Silver Volition ( 2013)

With THQ’s downward spiral into oblivion finally over, our studio, Volition, has been acquired by Koch Media and re-branded Deep Silver Volition. I am technically a new hire, though I work with the same people and in the same building as before. My work as a senior animation programmer on the engine team continues as we prepare our next generation of animation tools and systems for future unannounced projects.

Engine Team   |   THQ \ Volition (2012)

After Insane’s downfall (that’s a bit of an inside joke…) I picked up my old work on the Core Technology Group. This included another heavy round of third party animation system evaluation followed by a complete overhaul \ rebuilding of our animation tools aimed at a future unannounced project.

Insane   |   THQ \ Volition (2011)

I was one of two programmers on the project during it’s prototype phase. It was definitely exciting to be a part of it while it lasted. THQ eventually pulled the plug as part of its downward spiral which has just recently achieved its ultimate conclusion. Though I’m very happy to hear the internet buzzing with rumors that another studio has since picked it up. And to be honest, I wouldn’t mind being part of it again.

As a prototyping and animation programmer on the project, my responsibilities included supporting the animation group, making related technical judgements to match customer expectations 3 to 4 years in the future, and implementing player movement and camera systems. There’s a lot more to it but I suppose this is as specific as I’ll ever be able to get : )

Engine Team, Saints Row 3   |   THQ \ Volition (2011)

After SR2 wrapped, the studio formed a small animation tools and system group within the dedicated engine team. Prior to this the animation programmers were embedded directly in the projects. Here we designed and built a node graph based animation editor and runtime component that integrated with the existing code driven blending system. These were developed simultaneously with Saints Row 3. Once the tools were functional I moved over to SR3 to help integrate them into the pipeline \ workflow.

Saints Row 2   |   THQ \ Volition (2008)

Saints Row 2 was the first major release that I worked on start to finish. This is where my specialization as an animation programmer started to take hold. My main responsibilities included integrating animation system components between projects, overhauling the vehicle interaction system, and player movement programming.

Saints Row   |   THQ \ Volition (2006)

I joined THQ \ Volition in the last year of development on Saints Row. I took over a position from one of the other guys as he moved from general gameplay programming over to rendering. We still jokingly refer to the person in this role as the “etc. etc. guy”, though I’m not sure who holds the honor today. My responsibilities were all over the board, from getting vehicles to burn, water to splash, building doors to open \ close… etc. But there was also a heavy animation component that involved vehicle interaction, some player movement, and swimming system. Dabbling in these systems eventually led to me getting embedded with the animation group, and that kicked off my specialization as an animation programmer.

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