The Name of the Game

I’m calling the game “Shadows of Worlds Below”. I settled on this name because it evokes the primary motivating feature of the game and because happily, the domain was available.

I’m working on setting up a dedicated website. That’s probably very premature, but it’s fun to feel like an indie, even if it only lasts a week : )

I will no longer be referring to the game as a MUD or roguelike – I prefer to develop it in a more organic nature and would like to avoid pinning it down by premature stereotypes or expectations. I would like to see it take on the characteristics that makes sense for it and see what it turns in to.

I spent some time this evening working on a website, but I also felt it was necessary to make a little progress on the game. I put in place a full 256 character ASCII font so I have more tiles to work with. I also decide to switch to square tiles for improved spatial navigation and aesthetic.

I’m experimenting with 80×40 characters which gives more of a terminal feel, but I am also trying out 40×20. If I got that large with the tiles then I might still go small with the text font. Below are some comparison screenshots.

I have some interesting ideas and it’s fun to think about all of the possibilities. I was thinking about permadeath, and how you might take on the life of a random NPC somewhere in the world. Then when you die natural processes dictate what happens with your body and loot that you had. You might find that you engrave a sword, die, and later as another character you find the sword on a grave robber by chance. You might even find that your body has been laid to rest in some town near the place you had fallen – that is assuming the locals discover the remains.

Anyway, that’s very ambitious, but it’s a fun thought. Here are the resolution comparisons.

3 thoughts on “The Name of the Game

  1. You had me at “permadeath”. The rest of your ideas sound quite cool as well.

    I prefer the 80×40.

    You’ve got me thinking about getting back on the blogging bandwagon, and maybe even resurrecting some code that I haven’t worked on for a year or so.

    • Good to hear :) If you get something started up I’d love to read about it!

      I enjoy blogging about this stuff even though the only people who read it are myself and a couple of friends / people from work. I figure it replaces personal work logs that I used to keep anyway but with the advantage of embedded media. Also if a project ever develops a following people might enjoy seeing how it started.

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