Experimental MUD

I have a couple of unique (or at least uncommon) technical ideas for a MUD or roguelike game. I’m going to spend a little time this weekend experimenting with one of them, and I’ll keep the other under wraps for now.

The first idea is to display the world in the classic manner – as an ASCII grid – but render many depths both above and below the depth of the player. Then make it so that those depths can be traversed seamlessly as long as they are within a “stoppable” threshold.

The average level of a dungeon might still exist primarily on a given XY plane, but would not be restricted to that.

I’m thinking of using white ASCII on black as usual, but applying different levels of alpha or gamma to indicate depth.

One trick will be how to indicate the player’s XY plane if further (deeper) planes need to be more black and nearer planes more white. Maybe the player’s plane gets a unique hue applied.

Alternatively, I could use a combination of alpha and perspective.

I’ll post the results once I have an initial test running.

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