Particle Physics

I’ve been tweaking the particle physics system a bit and learning the best way to work with it for player movement. I have things feeling roughly the way I want for lateral movement and jumping. I need to fix up collision resolution because I get some surface penetration.

It’s also possible to jump against platforms and effectively ramp the player’s collision sphere up into the air. I might just fix that by changing to a cylinder…

I’ll post another video¬†once I have things wrapped up.

Improved scene workflow

I decided to simplify my blender scene further by removing the custom properties nodes. I found a Blender script online that copies custom properties between objects. I used that to copy the properties from the node directly to the parent object, then deleted all of the custom properties nodes in the scene. And then of course I updated the scene exporter to account for this change.

Here’s a new video to show latest changes, which are almost all data-side.


Automatic collision meshes

Earlier while I was making the tower pieces in Blender, it became apparent that managing low LOD collision meshes for each piece was going to be a headache. So to speed up workflow I made a nice improvement. Now the exporter will detect presence of custom collision meshes and flag them. But even if they’re not there I can set a custom flag per object that tells the runtime system to auto-generate the data from the renderable mesh. I also partially added support to free the mesh data afterwards, in which case the system will rely strictly on the bounding box hierarchy generated from the mesh.

I just finished going over the current tower  scene and removing all of the unnecessary collision meshes, though in a couple of cases of more complex collision shapes the meshes are still necessary.

In this screenshot every object has a custom collision mesh and now 90% of them are removed and managed automatically. This will greatly improve the level design process.